Homemakers - art piece of indigenous Mexican chocolate mole


In Collaboration with Mica Park-De-Gonzalez

Homemakers is a home-cooked meal combining traditional Japanese ways of eating with food cultures across the world. It explores future ways of living through common ground, interaction, community, and the simple concept of “breaking bread” together. 

The Meal

Tomato, onion, tofu, and olive oil in oribe-glazed plant cell dish

Tomato, tofu, and sesame oil in oribe-glazed maple leaf dish

Shiitake mushroom, Stilton blue cheese, and furikake couscous in Abashiri Prison fish dish

Avocado, leek, potato, and chipotle in “After Isamu Noguchi: Sculpture to be Seen from Mars” dish

Indigenous Mexican chocolate mole with corn totopos in katakuchi ware

Earl grey tea, rice, honey, and kaya jam in Japanese silverware dish