Swimming Between Worlds

The Bakery

82D Portobello Road

London W11 2QD

May 9-12

When you were a kid, did you ever play hide-and-seek?

That’s what I think of every time I hear artists talk about “in-between spaces.”

I was very good at hide-and-seek,

and the best places to hide were always the spaces that were overlooked, outside of the mind’s eye – the in-between. 

They are discreet, silent, neither the sun nor the moon nor the stars.

They are the voids, the emptiness we feel in the backs of our minds,

the presence that we ignore because it doesn’t shout for our attention.

For as long as we have been conscious, the in-between has always existed. 

In Swimming Between Worlds, I am proud to present six artists who explore the in-between. They have each discovered unique ways to navigate between the different worlds they experience, creating works that shift everyday perceptions, propose alternate realities, and dive into expanded forms of consciousness.  

I sincerely hope you enjoy exploring this space, and let your mind swim around.


 The Artists



 Events Schedule

Thursday, May 9

Live Painting by Kelly Briggs

11am – 5pm

Friday, May 10

Live Painting by Kelly Briggs

11am – 5pm

Saturday, May 11

Live Airbrushing by Eleni Zervou

11am – 6pm

Saturday, May 11

Late Night Opening

6pm – 9pm

A late evening opening to view the works, meet the artists, and celebrate the success of the exhibition.

Sunday, May 12

Live Airbrushing by Eleni Zervou

11am – 5pm